"Eat me, Sebastian! It’s okay for guys like you and Court to fuck everyone. But when I do it, I get dumped for innocent little twits like Cecile. God forbid, I exude confidence and enjoy sex. Do you think I relish the fact that I have to act like Mary Sunshine 24/7 so I can be considered a lady? I’m the Marcia fucking Brady of the Upper East Side, and sometimes I want to kill myself. So there’s your psychoanalysis, Dr. Freud. Now tell me, are you in… or are you out?" - Cruel Intentions (1999)

so tell me you love me, if you don’t then lie, oh lie to me.

You say I’m crazy, ‘cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done, but when you call me baby I know I’m not the only one.

"But how do you keep from arriving early?"

"It’s not a problem for me, man."

"We were all raised by different people. But we grew together in the glee club. It’s a part of all of us." x

Dianna Agron on the set of her latest movie ‘Headlock’


How to be cool in third grade

Family is a place where everyone loves you no matter what, and they accept you for who you are.

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