Courteney Cox on not being able to make friends while on vacation

"You are not safe. It only takes one second. One second and it’s over. Never let your guard down, ever."

I walked out of a club and a girl asked me to take a picture with her. It just so happens I’m pretty good at remembering faces, and I remembered that several months prior I had taken a picture with her. When I said, ‘Hey I remember you,’ she literally started crying in the middle of the street. She was grateful, but so was I. My fans are truly important to me.”

(October 18th)
Happy 27th Birthday, Zac Efron!
"Life is too short to be serious."
RIP Cory Allen Michael Monteith (1982-2013)


Evan Peters + American Horror Story first appearances

AHS: Freak Show…Monsters Among Us {pt2} Plays Cards Against Humanity

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